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ECLASS XML - extension of ISO 13584-32 ontoML

ECLASS XML is an extension of ISO 13584-32 ontoML. It consists of exchange formats for:

XML-Schema location

  • ontoML (ECLASS variant 1.0) is here (Releases 7.0, 7.1)

Version History

ECLASSXML 1.0 (since Release 7.0 until 7.1)
  • Is based on the ISO 13584-32 “ontoML 1.0” file format, the XML representation of the ISO 13584 (PLIB) ontology model that ECLASS is using (first published with release 7.0, then 7.1)
  • Includes some extensions over ontoML-1.0 to allow transport of the extended information needs that ECLASS has on their dictionary and the two contained models (basic and advanced).

ECLASSXML 2.0 (since Release 8.0 until Release 10.1)

In ECLASS XML 2.0 some additional optional elements and attributes were introduced into ontoML to allow:

  • PR valency (in context of class and global)
  • Order of PR
  • Order of VA
  • Mandatory PR (in context of class and global)
  • default UN of PR
  • default VA of PR

ECLASSXML 3.0 (since Release 10.1)

Following changes were done:

  • All files: namespace updated from 2.0 to 3.0
  • Header.xsd:
Allow “eCl@ss XML 3.0” format pattern value
  • units.xsd:
replicated eClassUnitsML / eClassUnitSet / eClassUnit from UnitsML to extend eClassUnitType with preferred_name and short_name:
  • A_posteriori.xsd:
Deprecation of aspect in context:
added //element(*,A_POSTERIORI_VIEW_OF_Type)/@is_deprecated
  • identifier.xsd:
Deprecation of property in context:
added //element(*,PROPERTIES_REFERENCE_Type)/property/@is_deprecated
Deprecation of class in context:
added //element(*,CLASSES_REFERENCE_Type)/class/@is_deprecated
Define new simpleType IRDI_path_type
  • property.xsd:
property multivalence:
added //element(*,PROPERTY_Type)/is_multivalent
suggestion value list (open) vs. non-suggestion value list (closed):
documented //element(*,PROPERTY_Type)/suggested_value_list
(therefore no new field needed)
Deprecation of domain in context:
set //element(*,PROPERTY_Type) cardinality to 1..n (allowed when domain was changed)
added //element(*,PROPERTY_Type)/domain/@is_deprecated
  • translation.xsd:
Deprecation of synonyms:
added //element(*,SYNONYMOUS_NAME_TYPE_Type)/@is_deprecated
Deprecation of keywords:
added //element(*,KEYWORD_TYPE_Type)/@is_deprecated
IDs for keyword / synonym:
added //element(*,KEYWORD_LABEL_Type)/@id and //element(*,SYNONYMOUS_NAME_LABEL_Type)/@id:
  • type_system.xsd:
Deprecation of unit in context:
added deprecation of unit to INT_MEASURE_TYPE_Type
added deprecation of unit to REAL_MEASURE_TYPE_Type
added deprecation of unit to RATIONAL_MEASURE_TYPE_Type
Deprecation of value from domain:
added //element(*,NON_QUANTITATIVE_INT_TYPE_Type)/its_values/dic_value/@is_deprecated
  • catalogue.xsd:
changed subitem_path_property_ref from IRDI_list_type to IRDI_path_type
  • identifier.dtd:
added irdipath and irdipathelement entities
ECLASSXML 3.0.1 (since Release 12.0)

Following changes were done:

  • Updated in textual descriptions from "eCl@ss" to ECLASS.
  • Changed restriction of schema_version
  • Updated comments in all files to refer the current schema.
  • ECLASSQUERY has been enhanced to contain an optional reference to the template from which conditional paths originate.
  • Corrected export of global_language
  • Added @source_cc / @source_ac attributes to PROPOSEVALUE_Type.
  • Added @target_cc / @target_ac attributes to DELETEPATH_Type.