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eCl@ss XML - extension of ISO 13584-32 ontoML

eCl@ss XML is an extension of ISO 13584-32 ontoML. It consists of exchange formats for:

XML-Schema location

  • ontoML (eCl@ss variant 1.0) is here (Releases 7.0, 7.1)

Version History

eCl@ssXML 1.0 (since Release 7.0 until 7.1)
  • Is based on the ISO 13584-32 “ontoML 1.0” file format, the XML representation of the ISO 13584 (PLIB) ontology model that eCl@ss is using (first published with release 7.0, then 7.1)
  • Includes some extensions over ontoML-1.0 to allow transport of the extended information needs that eCl@ss has on their dictionary and the two contained models (basic and advanced).

eCl@ssXML 2.0 (since Release 8.0 until Release 10.1)

In eCl@ss XML 2.0 some additional optional elements and attributes were introduced into ontoML to allow:

  • PR valency (in context of class and global)
  • Order of PR
  • Order of VA
  • Mandatory PR (in context of class and global)
  • default UN of PR
  • default VA of PR

eCl@ssXML 3.0 (since Release 10.1)

Following changes were done:

  • All files: namespace updated from 2.0 to 3.0
  • Header.xsd:
Allow “eCl@ss XML 3.0” format pattern value
  • units.xsd:
replicated eClassUnitsML / eClassUnitSet / eClassUnit from UnitsML to extend eClassUnitType with preferred_name and short_name:
  • A_posteriori.xsd:
Deprecation of aspect in context:
added //element(*,A_POSTERIORI_VIEW_OF_Type)/@is_deprecated
  • identifier.xsd:
Deprecation of property in context:
added //element(*,PROPERTIES_REFERENCE_Type)/property/@is_deprecated
Deprecation of class in context:
added //element(*,CLASSES_REFERENCE_Type)/class/@is_deprecated
Define new simpleType IRDI_path_type
  • property.xsd:
property multivalence:
added //element(*,PROPERTY_Type)/is_multivalent
suggestion value list (open) vs. non-suggestion value list (closed):
documented //element(*,PROPERTY_Type)/suggested_value_list
(therefore no new field needed)
Deprecation of domain in context:
set //element(*,PROPERTY_Type) cardinality to 1..n (allowed when domain was changed)
added //element(*,PROPERTY_Type)/domain/@is_deprecated
  • translation.xsd:
Deprecation of synonyms:
added //element(*,SYNONYMOUS_NAME_TYPE_Type)/@is_deprecated
Deprecation of keywords:
added //element(*,KEYWORD_TYPE_Type)/@is_deprecated
IDs for keyword / synonym:
added //element(*,KEYWORD_LABEL_Type)/@id and //element(*,SYNONYMOUS_NAME_LABEL_Type)/@id:
  • type_system.xsd:
Deprecation of unit in context:
added deprecation of unit to INT_MEASURE_TYPE_Type
added deprecation of unit to REAL_MEASURE_TYPE_Type
added deprecation of unit to RATIONAL_MEASURE_TYPE_Type
Deprecation of value from domain:
added //element(*,NON_QUANTITATIVE_INT_TYPE_Type)/its_values/dic_value/@is_deprecated
  • catalogue.xsd:
changed subitem_path_property_ref from IRDI_list_type to IRDI_path_type
  • identifier.dtd:
added irdipath and irdipathelement entities