eCl@ss developers' community

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The eCl@ss Center for Research and Development (CRD, formerly Expert Group Structure & Technique) has successfully managed the technical development of the eCl@ss data model according to ISO 13584 in the last three years.

The eCl@ss developers‘ community shall give any other interested eCl@ss member the possibility to receive exclusive and early information about technical innovations and planned changes and particularly send their feedback to the CRD. This is a measure to inform technically interested parties (implementors and eCl@ss service providers) effectively about technical changes of the eCl@ss standard.

Benefits of the eCl@ss developers‘ community:

  • Provision of a mailing list for a technical newsletter
  • Provision of a ticket system for the processing and documentation of technical questions and feedback (by CRD)
  • Provision of an area in the eCl@ss-sharepoint to provide files and documentations online as well as for data exchange

Precondition for the participation in the eCl@ss developers‘ community:

  • Membership in the eCl@ss association
  • Interest for the technical development of the eCl@ss standard

More information for technical implementors is to be found here.

For more information please contact the eCl@ss-office.