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e-pro CAT GmbH is a German company based in Stuttgart and active in the field of IT standard software solutions for Product Information Management (PIM) and eBusiness, especially catalogues and classification. They are Ordinary Member, cooperation partner as well as ECLASS IT Service Provider of ECLASS e.V. e-proCAT is a brand of Bertsch Innovation.

General information

How e-pro helps you include ECLASS into your BMEcat is explained in their German Webinar 1. How they help you upgrade to a new ECLASS release is explained in their German Webinar II.

Name Website Logo Sector Type of Membership Membership since Cooperation partner since Expert group leader of Expert group member in
e-pro CAT GmbH www.e-pro.de Logo epro.jpg IT Services Ordinary Member 2006 2006 -- --

Product and service portfolio

e-pro's scope of services includes:

  • Using ECLASS as a classification system with/without properties and values in a catalogue creating software (e-catalogue, print catalogue)
  • Help ECLASS user creating an e-catalogue (with ECLASS) with standard data exchange formats (i. e. BME-Cat or other “standards” or proprietary formats)
  • Set up ECLASS introduction workshops for technique (introduction in ECLASS terms, classification and using the ECLASS service portal/gate way)

Furthermore e-pro are well-known for their ECLASS-relevant products e-proVIEW and e-proCAT:


e-proVIEW is an offline search software that can import all ECLASS versions in German (besides other standards) and helps to visualize various classification schemes.

The functions of e-proVIEW include

  • Display of classification structure, keywords, lists of properties, suggested values as well as property and value definitions
  • Navigation through the class hierarchy
  • Change of display between class and property names and their IDs
  • Search by class and property names, keywords as well as their IDs
  • Copy possibility of names and IDs (for other applications)
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) for manual configuration
  • Support of classification updates with the hepl of an XML import interface
  • Free-of-charge download of a demo version

The demo version of e-proVIEW is valid and executable for four weeks after installation and includes all functions of the full version. Additionally, the required ECLASS version has to be available in the XML format suitable for e-proVIEW (NOTE: not to be confused with the official ECLASS BASIC or ADVANCED versions in the XML format OntoML as available for download in the ECLASS DownloadPortal).

e-proVIEW is available free-of-charge for all members of the ECLASS association.

Figure 1: Screenshot of e-proVIEW

Screenshot eproVIEW.jpg


e-proCAT is the leading software for creating high-quality catalogues with quality-assured data in various formats. Like no other product e-proCAT combines functions such as product data processing, classification, automatic feature detection, MIME type management, education and range cleanup. Thus, the electronic catalogue creation becomes a breeze.

Use e-proCAT to unify product data and product groups across the company. Import your new company-specific classification and commodity group system or encrypt your old product categories and products through self-defined mappings. By using mapping tables, this is also possible automatically!

The functions of e-proCAT include:

  • creation of your product data quickly and easily with an electronic catalog
  • check of your catalogs - no matter whether it is BMEcat or a BMEcat variant (HUBWOO, ETIM, IBX, DB, etc.)
  • support of all major classification systems (ECLASS, UNSPSC, ETIM, proficl@ss)
  • provision of automatic classification proposals for your products
  • assumption of the characteristics of your products automatically - from text fields
  • navigation through the hierarchy of the classifications of ECLASS 4.0 to ECLASS 7.0
  • comprehensive search function on class and property names, class and property IDs and keywords
  • support of the conversion from ECLASS 5.x to ECLASS 6.x
  • commodity class recoding

Contact information

e-pro CAT GmbH

Mr. Thorsten Holly

Kronenstraße 25

70174 Stuttgart


+49 711 968816 - 0

+49 711 968816 - 10