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Noxum develops and sells standard and individual software for web systems/web portals, e-business, product information management, cross media publishing and technical communication, content delivery and cloud computing solutions in Microsoft Azure. They are Ordinary Member, cooperation partner as well as ECLASS IT Service Provider of ECLASS e.V.

General information

Name Website Logo Sector Type of Membership Membership since Cooperation partner since Expert group leader of Expert group member in
Noxum GmbH Logo Noxum RGB.png software Ordinary Member 2020 2020 -- --

Product and service portfolio

Noxum's scope of services includes:


  • Strategy and business process consulting for enterprise wide implementation of ECLASS
  • Introduction of ECLASS as a classification system with/without product properties and values.
  • Classification consulting and adaption - Consulting services for expansion or adaption of ECLASS classification structure to company specific scope
  • Designing product information architecture including ECLASS
  • Support of ECLASS users in the consolidation of the product data structure, e.g. in the implementation of a Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Support for ECLASS on Lowest Maintainable/ Replaceable Level (LML/ LRL)
  • Defining ECLASS Workflow Processes
  • Connection to and data exchange of ECLASS data with third-party systems, such as ERP -e.g. SAP-, Data Management (PDM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Computer Aided Engineering Systems (CAx), Media Asset Management System (MAM) - with/without product properties and values -
  • Methods Consulting, e.g. inheritance of product properties
  • Creating a comprehensive classification by combining ECLASS with other classification systems and company product groups
  • ECLASS onboarding of business partners
  • Maintenance Strategies of different ECLASS versions
  • Reviewing of programms and projects in the field ECLASS


Noxum offers two main software products

  • Noxum Publishing Studio
a complete product information management (PIM).
  • NovaDB
a content hub with almost unlimited possibilities for information management. For the digital transformation of business processes and business platforms, modern IT applications are used that enable new content and data processes flexibly, quickly and efficiently. NovaDB supports these requirements without complex programming and costly projects.

All products support:

  • ECLASS industry package
    • simple product classification according to ECLASS
      • Product classification in form-based editing
      • system-side validation for formal and correct classification
    • simple, intelligent attribute set
      • suitable feature bar for the product family
      • only the characteristics and characteristic values to be determined are displayed for the individual product classification
      • forms, properties and values in the user language
      • values in correct decimal values and physical units
    • simple browser application
      • the ECLASS industry package is immediately available without project effort with NovaDB

  • NovaDB ECLASS Exchange: Data exchange with online marketplaces
  • NovaDB ECLASS Producteditor: simplifies the classification of products and services according to ECLASS
  • NovaDB ECLASS eProcurement-Publisher: Data exchange with eProcurement systems
  • NovaDB AddOn for Microsoft Excel: Data import into NovaDB ECLASS Producteditor
  • NovaDB BMEcat 1.2 Publisher: Export product data from NovaDB as XML file in ECLASS-BMEcat-1.2-Schema
  • NovaDB BMEcat 2005 Publisher: Export product data from NovaDB as XML file in the ECLASS-BMEcat-2005 schema
  • NovaDB BMEcat individual Publisher: e.g. with online shop product ID, own article number, packaging unit, price
  • NovaDB individual Publisher: Publishing product data with product-specific additional documents such as images,data sheets, websites, other product-specific features, product variants

Contact information

Noxum GmbH

Ms. Jessica Semmelmann

Beethovenstraße 5

97080 Würzburg


Tel.: +49 931 46588 - 0

e-mail: semmelmann[at]