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JSC KODEKS is a cooperation of developers and distributors of the information and software products Kodeks and TechExpert in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. They provide specialists with intelligent electronic systems, information and documents to support them in making the right decisions and working efficiently. They are Ordinary Member, cooperation partner, eCl@ss IT Service Provider as well as the official eCl@ss Office Russia of eCl@ss e.V.

General information

Name Website Logo Sector Type of Membership Membership since Cooperation partner since Expert group leader of Expert group member in
JSC KODEKS www.kodeks.ru Logo JSC Kodeks.PNG Automated information systems Ordinary Member 2020 2020 -- --

Product and service portfolio

KODEKS' scope of services includes:

  • Consulting on the eCl@ss standard, including issues of information architecture, clas-sification of products and services, cost, organization, training.
  • Using the eCl@ss standard in the KODEKS platform.
  • Integration with existing Russian classifiers.

Contact information


Ms. Olga Denisova

19, litera B, 4, pl. Truda

190098 Saint-Petersburg


Tel.: +7 (0)812-740-78-87

e-mail: olga-d[at]kodeks.ru

web: www.kodeks.ru