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ECLASS members showed during the fair SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg the application of the ECLASS standard in the engineering under the title
"English is the language for business - ECLASS is the language for engineering”

Like as English is the language in the business world, the ECLASS standard develops to itself more and more than leading language in planning processes.

Engineering processes need information. The better their quality is, the more efficiently the process develops. Up to now for all process partners this was connected with high resources expenditure: every CAE planning tool "understand" only its own data format for which data today are provided luxuriously. The classification standard widespread in the industry ECLASS solves the interface problem by ISO-and IEC conformal description models.

An expert group, consisting of employees of the electrical industry and CAE software manufacturers CAE has developed the proved standard ECLASS "SUITABLE FOR CAE" to ECLASS-Advanced. The model encloses planning data CAE of functional descriptions of a device (e.g. whether a contact of a relay is a normally close, normally open change over contact) for the circuit diagram up to information like position and connection direction for Routing. From here all partners profit: interfaces and supply processes with the product manufacturer and system planner are reduced. The customer gets better data in the whole Life Cycle of its plant.

The result of the SPS IPC Drives for the classification standard ECLASS is absolutely positive: many discussions were led, numerous interested manufacturers and as well as other CAE software manufacturers informed themselves and discussed with the members of the expert's group.

Henning Uiterwyk, head of the ECLASS office appears high-satisfied: "We have shown that ECLASS is effective as a data standard also in engineering. Many discussions have shown the risen interest of companies to use ECLASS as a supporting standard in engineering. "

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