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eCl@ss EXCEL Template for CR Import – Documentation


This is the documentation for eCl@ss expert groups to fill out an EXCEL based import template that is used for the import of bulk requests into the eCl@ss ContentDevelopmentPlatform (CDP). The possibility to import bulk requests is only available in accordance with the eCl@ss head office. The possibility is only available for basic content that is exportable into the .csv format.

Explanation of the terms:

  • All tables of the EXCEL-Sheet will be marked in brackets, e.g. table <classes>.
  • All elements (e.g. class, property, keyword, value) will be marked bold.
  • All attributes of an element (e.g. attribute preferred name of the element property) will be referred to in Italics.


CC Classification class (or short: class)
KW Keyword (for CC)
PR Property
VA Value
CR Change Request
BML “Basismerkmalleiste” (DE), basic property list
AS Aspect
SY Synonym (for PR)
CO Constraint (the limitation for a value list or a property in the context of a class)
CDP eCl@ss ContentDevelopmentPlatform (formerly known as ServicePortal)

General Rules:

Language All requests have to be written in English as well as in the national language of the proposer.