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The eCl@ss association has defined certain rules and regulations and relies on certain national and international standards. These rules can be assigned to different categories:

  • Technical standards (e.g. such as the data model or identification scheme)
  • Content rules (e.g. branch-specific standards or rules for the creation of certain structural elements)
  • Process standards (such as the eCl@ss maintenance process)

Technical standards

eCl@ss relies on the following standards

Standard Content Relevant in eCl@ss for
ISO13584 (PLIB) / IEC 61360 Underlying Data model
ISO 29002 Object Identification IRDI - Idenfication scheme
ISO/IEC 11179-6 Object Identification IRDI - Idenfication scheme
ISO 6532 Object Identification IRDI - Idenfication scheme
DIN 4000, DIN 4002 Property lists Properties
ISO 639 Language Code Almost all structural elements
ISO 3166 Country Code Almost all structural elements

See also FAQ#Standards.

Content rules

More details will follow soon...

General Rules

eCl@ss has defined general rules for the creation of structural elements.

Naming Rules

eCl@ss has defined naming rules for all eCl@ss structural elements.

Specific Rules for Structural Elements

eCl@ss has defined specific rules that apply for the creation of the following structural elements (PreferredName, Definition etc.):

Harmonized Branch Standards

eCl@ss relies on existing branch-specific standards rather than re-inventing what has already been created by experts. Therefore, eCl@ss cooperates with various other classification authorities in order to make eCl@ss interoperable to branch solutions, as all of them have the same goal: to promote eBusiness solutions. eCl@ss has already finalized harmonization projects with the following related standards:

Related standard Content Relevant for eCl@ss segment(s) Harmonized in eCl@ss release
PROLIST Electric engineering, Process engineering 27, 37 7.0, 8.0
proficl@ss Workshop equipment 23 6.0, 7.0
ETIM Electric engineering 19, 21, 23, 27 6.0, 7.0
APPLiA/PI Household appliances ("White goods") 29 continuously
bau:class German standard for the construction industry 22 6.0
IMT International standard for medical devices 34 6.0, 7.0, 8.0
EDMA International standard for in-vitro diagnostics 42 7.0
eCALS East-Asian standard for electronics 27 7.0

Process standards

As described in the Release Process, eCl@ss relies on an international maintenance process as defined in the [ePPS project] by the [CEN Workshop eCAT].

The process is also related to the process used in the [DIN property server].


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