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The eCl@ss association has a long history of cooperation agreements with international companies, associations and standardization organisations. The goal of eCl@ss has always been to rely on existing standards and integrate into the eCl@ss standard what is already approved by the market or standardized on an international level. Further, eCl@ss cooperates with strategic international partners such as IT service providers, industry associations, standardization organisations and related standards.

By cooperating with competent partners from various sectors, eCl@ss e.V. secures:

  • market- and requirements-oriented expansion
  • norm-conforming further development
  • integration of further classification systems
  • international expansion
  • practice-oriented IT consultation
  • system-technical support during release change
  • scientifically-based further development and expansion in research and education

Cooperation partners

Below you find a list of all official eCl@ss cooperation partners.