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The CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation) is the European Committee for Standardization.

CEN Workshop eCat

The ECLASS association and their partners have participated in various CEN projects. Within the framework of the CEN Workshop [eCAT] which was launched in 2002, several projects took place. Among them are the projects CC3P and cMap which were directly connected to ECLASS with participation of ECLASS partners.


The project CC3P - Classification and catalogue systems for public and private procurement - compared the leading classification systems in Europe in 2010: ECLASS, UNSPSC, GPC and the CPV. The results of the project are published in a CEN Workshop agreement (CWA): CWA16138:2010

The CWA contains a lot of recommendations for creating classification systems, e.g. what data model to choose, what rules to implement, how to maintain the content etc. Most of the recommendations by the CEN are being fulfilled by ECLASS, especially (among others) relying on a standardized data model (ECLASS relies on ISO 13584) and a standardized maintenance process.


The project cMap - Classification Mapping for open and standardized product classification usage in eBusiness - created a complete mapping of all classification classes of the classification systems compared in the CC3P project: ECLASS 6.0.1, UNSPSC v11, GPC 30062008 and CPV 2008. The results of the project are published in a CEN Workshop agreement (CWA): CWA16525:2012 including a link to the mapping tables in EXCEL format.