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BASF IT Services GmbH is a German company based in Ludwigshafen and active in the field of IT services. They provide consultation and support services for implementing eCl@ss in SAP. They are a daughter of BASF SE.

General information

How BASF IT Services help to implement eCl@ss is shown in two German webinars (all of them only available in German) which are archived here: Implementation of eCl@ss in SAP and Results of the project eBusInstand.

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Product and service portfolio

BASF IT Services

When introducing eCl@ss in different companies, questions are often asked about the actual implementation in the IT systems used. The focus for many companies is the SAP environment. BASF IT Services offer competent consultation and support services on implementing eCl@ss in SAP.

The service portfolio of BASF IT Services includes, amongst others:

  • Process consulting in the E-Business environment as well as concerning the use of eCl@ss in the ERP systems
  • General consulting for SAP as well as for SAP modules
  • Support in SAP customising
  • SAP programming services
  • Support during the conversion to eCl@ss
  • Support in catalogue and market place integration
  • Operation and maintenance of catalogue systems