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eCl@ss is a system for classification and product description. It consists of different structural elements who are in a certain relation with each other.

The relations of the BASIC and the ADVANCED versions are described below. A list of all structural elements can be found here.

Relations (BASIC version)

The BASIC version is the simplified version of the more complex underlying eCl@ss data model (ADVANCED). Certain structural elements are not displayed, e.g. the application class. The relation Classification Class - Application Class - Property - Value list - Value is simplified to Classification Class - Property - Value.

Relations BASIC CSV 10.0.1

Struktur 10 0 1 csv.JPG

Relations BASIC CSV 9.1

Struktur 9 1 csv.JPG

Relations BASIC CSV 9.0

Struktur 9 0 csv.JPG

Relations BASIC CSV 8.1

Struktur 8 1 csv.JPG

Relations (BASIC version) 7.0ff

With release 7.0 the BASIC version was changed, e.g. the unit was introduced as a distinct structural element having a relation to a property. A lot of typing errors were corrected with this measure and a huge step taken towards standardization. Plus, a distintion was made between value lists and value templates. The following figure shows the BASIC version in 7.1, LanguageCode=en.

ECl@ss7 1 BASIC CSV structure relations v1 en.jpg

Relations (BASIC version) before 7.0

The versions before release 7.0 (i.e. 3.0 till 6.2) were kept more simple, e.g. the unit was only a free text attribute of the property, therefore resulting in a lot of typing errors.

ECl@ss6 2 BASIC CSV structure relations v1 en.jpg

Relations (ADVANCED version)

coming soon...