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CADBAS is an owner-managed company that offers solutions for efficient and innovative parts and complexity management as an all-round service. They are Ordinary Member as well as cooperation partner and eCl@ss IT Service Provider of eCl@ss e.V.

General information

Name Website Logo Sector Type of Membership Membership since Cooperation partner since Expert group leader of Expert group member in
CADBAS GmbH Logo CADBAS.jpg Consulting / IT Ordinary Member 2020 2020 -- --

Product and service portfolio

Part and product data of high quality is one of the main success factors of your company and prerequisite to avoid, reduce or master the variety of parts and products. CADBAS delivers you solutions, that enable to manage, find, cleanse and maintain part and product data at a maximum of efficiency and acceptance:


  • eCl@ss-Classification application (PartExplorer) - "PartExplorer" part management application (free of licensing costs) incl. eCl@ss-classification structure for classification of parts, assemblies and products according to eCl@ss standard (eCl@ss license or eCl@ss membership for use of eCl@ss standard required).
  • eCl@ss-Catalog component library - eCl@ss library (free of licensing costs) for PartExplorer part management application containing freely available eCl@ss-data of catalog component suppliers.
  • SAP-Integration - Turnkey interface between PartExplorer and SAP (free of licensing costs) for synchronization of classes, classification structures and their properties from PartExplorer to SAP as well as bidirectional synchronization of material master data and classifications of parts, assemblies and products.
  • ERP/PLM-Integration - Configurable PartExplorer interface (free of licensing costs) to any ERP/PLM system for bidirectional synchronization of classes, classification structures and their properties as well as synchronization of material master data and classifications of parts, assemblies and products.
  • eCl@ss data interface - PartExplorer-eCl@ss interface (free of licensing costs) for bidirectional exchange of eCl@ss data. Import of eCl@ss data into PartExplorer and export of data in eCl@ss format from PartExplorer.

Data Services

  • Classification consulting and adaption - Consulting services for expansion or adaption of eCl@ss classification structure to company specific scope of application (e.g. drawing parts) incl. configuration of classes, properties and value lists in PartExplorer.
  • eCl@ss mapping/migration - Create "connectivity" between eCl@ss and other classification structures for automated data exchange or migration.
  • Data cleansing and creating classification content - Automated data cleansing (classification of parts) by extraction from master data, transformation rules or using libraries or any other source.
  • Analyses of hotspots and duplicates - Fully automatic detection of duplicates and hotspots (large amounts of similar parts) for standardization, consolidation and automated target price calculation.

Processes and Workflows

  • Workflow for classification during part's creation - Governance workflow to ensure high data quality and avoid unnecessary new parts by classification of parts, assemblies and products during creation process incl. data quality check, duplicate analysis and situational permission.

Contact information


Dr. Andreas Lewandowski-Kaufmann

Kruppstraße 86

45145 Essen


Tel.: +49 201 - 24723 - 0

e-mail: cadbas[at]