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pirobase imperia GmbH develops the pirobase imperia content management system. They are leading provider of content management solutions in the German-speaking countries. pirobase imperia GmbH offers consulting, design, purchasing, installation and training for content management systems. They are Ordinary Member as well as cooperation partner and eCl@ss IT Service Provider of eCl@ss e.V.

[edit] General information

Name Website Logo Sector Type of Membership Membership since Cooperation partner since Expert group leader of Expert group member in
pirobase imperia GmbH www.pirobase-imperia.com Logo pirobase imperia.jpg IT content solutions Ordinary Member 2013 -- -- --

[edit] Product and service portfolio

pirobase's scope of services includes:


  • Projects focusing on pirobase imperia products (see below)
  • Kind of projects:
    • Conducted by pirobase imperia
    • Conducted by customers and supported by pirobase imperia
    • Completely or partly conducted by partners and supported by pirobase imperia
  • In case of projects conducted by pirobase imperia:
    • Project management, consulting, architecture by own employees
    • Further project roles are occupied by intern or extern employees
    • Support of different project process models (waterfall up to agile methods, e.g. Scrum)
  • Customizing of products
  • Product training


  • pirobase imperia PIM
    • Products can be classified, e.g. by eCl@ss
    • o Products can be allocated to more than one classification (eCl@ss, GPC …)
  • pirobase CMS
  • pirobase COMMERCE
  • imperia CMS
  • Support and operation

[edit] Contact information

pirobase imperia GmbH

Mr. Matthias Kant

Von-der-Wettern-Straße 27

51149 Köln


Tel.: +49 2203 - 93530 - 2255

Fax: +49 2203 - 93530 - 2101

e-mail: matthias.kant[at]pirobase-imperia.com

web: www.pirobase-imperia.com

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