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Description of the files

The ZIP-file contains all relevant files for the mapping process.

  • eClass-RUF-TU-CC_9_x_to_10_x.csv = Transaction Upgrade Classes (Class-Update-Table)
  • eClass-RUF-TU-PR_9_x_to_10_x.csv = Transaction Upgrade Properties (Property-Update-Table)
  • eClass-RUF-CC_9_x_to_10_x-en_US.csv = Table of Classification Classes
  • eClass-RUF-KW-SY_9_x_to_10_x-en_US.csv = Table of Keywords / Synonyms
  • eClass-RUF-PR_9_x_to_10_x-en_US.csv = Table of Properties
  • eClass-RUF-VA_9_x_to_10_x-en_US.csv = Table of Values
  • eClass-RUF-CC_PR_9_x_to_10_x.csv = Relations Classes-Properties
  • eClass-RUF-PR_VA_9_x_to_10_x.csv = Relations Properties-Values
  • eClass-RUF-UN_9_x_to_10_x-en_US.csv = Table of units

Content of the data sets

eCl@ss - Mapping of Release 9.x to Release 10.x – English (Release Update Files) The file contains all data of the SourceReleases 9.0 and 9.1, i.e. it is valid for all 9.x-versions.

Format of data sets

CSV, data sets separated by semicolon (1st line = field titles), Codepage: UTF-8

About the use of the files

You can only use these mapping tables, if you possess both a source release (9.x) and the target release 10.x and if you are a registered user of the eCl@ss standard. The TU files for classes and properties contain the predecessor-successor-relationship of the changed classes and properties respectively in release 10.x. In the several tables of the specific structural elements (e.g. …10_x_CC_en.csv) all absolute changes are listed, i.e. all elements and relations that are no more part of release 10.x are listed as “CLOSED”, all new ones are listed as “NEW”. Those elements marked with “VERSION NUMBER“ have been adapted, but their concept was not changed, i.e. their identifier did not change, only their version number was raised.

Structure of the Release Update Files

Update-to-date information and a detailed description can be found in the eCl@ss wiki: Release Update Files

Related Information

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