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General Information

There are two types of eCl@ss Releases: A MajorRelease (e.g. eCl@ss Release 10.0.1) and a MinorRelease (e.g. eCl@ss Release 9.1).

An eCl@ss MajorRelease is a release type that includes all possible modifications of existing structural elements (including structural modifications) and the addition of new elements that:

  • include every kind of change including structural changes, e.g. structural changes of the class hierarchy, changes of existing relations between structural elements, MOVEs, JOINs and SPLITs. For an overview please have a look at the list of valid change requests per release.
  • are not downwards-compatible to previous releases due to possible structural changes
  • cannot be integrated into a system as upgrade of the previous version automatically. This process is supported though not fully automated by available transaction update files and release update files. A manual re-mapping process of one's data might still be necessary.
  • are published every 2 to 4 years (see Release Roadmap)
  • are coded with the help of a MajorRelease Number and a zero MinorRelease Number (X.0, e.g. 11.0 the next MajorRelease after 10.0.1)

eCl@ss MajorReleases

In eCl@ss, the following MajorReleases exist:

MajorRelease Number Release date Language version No. of contained classes No. of contained properties No. of contained values
3.0 2000-04-30 not available any more 4.785 2.427 1.986
4.0 2001-03-27 Information available in the eCl@ss DownloadPortal 12.915 2.303 1.982
5.0 2003-09-02 Information available in the eCl@ss DownloadPortal 24.870 3.667 1.287
6.0 (replaced by 6.0.1) 2008-04-30 Information available in the eCl@ss DownloadPortal 32.592 8.653 6.811
7.0 2011-02-15 Information available in the eCl@ss DownloadPortal 37.868 15.397 19.123
8.0 2012-12-02 Information available in the eCl@ss DownloadPortal 39.041 16.137 13.609
9.0 2014-12-08 Information available in the eCl@ss DownloadPortal 40.870 16.845 14.365
10.0 (replaced by 10.0.1) 2017-02-03 Information available in the eCl@ss DownloadPortal 41.647 17.342 15.708

Note 1:

Starting with Release 7.0 all releases are available in a BASIC and an ADVANCED version. The numbers of contained structural elements only refer to the BASIC version.

Note 2:

The number of keywords is language-specific and not mentioned here. eCl@ss Release 3.0 started with around 8.000 German keywords. eCl@ss 8.0 contains more than 50.000 keywords in both German and English. More information is available in the relevant language version descriptions in the eCl@ss DownloadPortal.

Related information

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